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What is breast lift ?

Having proportionate, firm, and shapely breasts is an important component of a youthful and attractive physique. Many women, especially after pregnancy and childbirth, develop drooping and pendulous breasts. They resort to wearing underwire bras, which are uncomfortable and not good for breast health.

If you have drooping or saggy breasts, your best solution is to get a breast lift surgery (or mastopexy). This surgery can give you firm, shapely, and elevated breasts as you desire. Breast lift surgery aims to raise the drooping breasts by tightening the structures supporting the breast and removing excess skin from the breast. This helps to recontour the breasts and provide an aesthetically balanced appearance of the body.

This surgery does not increase the size of the breasts. If you need larger breasts, your doctor may perform breast augmentation along with a breast lift. Sagging breasts are usually associated with aging and considered a negative trait affecting women’s self-confidence and self-image. Sagging breasts can cause emotional distress and depression if not treated. A breast lift operation gives you a chance to regain the firmness of your breasts, look younger, and feel better.

The goal of breast lift surgery is to lift the breasts by removing the excess skin that causes the sagging effect. We also reshape the tissue to regenerate firmness and reposition the nipples. Sometimes, after a breast lift, the patient may experience a slight reduction in size once the skin is removed. Our professor has discovered a technique to lift the breasts from around the nipple to avoid the anchor scar. However, if patients desire a traditional breast lift, it can be performed.

Stay in hospital

1 day one night

Surgery duration

1 to 2 hours



Price list

We accept payments in Armenian Dram

Procedure types

Periareolar lift

Periareolar lift

This type of procedure is suitable for patients who require slight correction of their breasts. Additionally, this procedure does not involve a large incision, resulting in an almost invisible scar after the operation. The surgeon will make a small incision on the top half of the areola to improve its appearance. This type of operation also includes a combination of breast lifting and augmentation.

Vertical lift

A vertical lift removes excess skin and reshapes the form of breasts. The surgeon will make two incisions, the first around the areola and the second running vertically from the areola to the inframammary fold. The benefit of this method is hidden scars, which means that you can achieve a perfect result without any visible signs of the operation.

Vertical lift

Anchor inspection

Anchor inspection

This type of lifting is the best option for patients with considerable sagging of the breasts. The surgeon will remove excess skin along with the sagging tissue. The operation involves three incisions: one around the areola, one vertically from the areola to the breast crease, and one along the breast crease. The scars will become less visible over time and can be hidden under a bikini top.

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic surgeon

Frequently asked questions

It is possible to go braless after a breast uplift; however, it is generally advised that this is done for short periods only. If breast droop was an issue before your surgery, then you may be more prone to this happening again. Wearing a bra can help reduce the risk of breast drooping or sagging occurring again prematurely.

All surgical procedures carry risks, and these will be fully discussed at your post-op appointments. Risks specific to breast uplift procedures may include breast asymmetry, undesirable scarring, changes in breast/nipple sensation, and recurrence of breast droop.

Breast uplift surgery is performed under general anesthesia, which means that you will be asleep during the surgery and will not feel any pain. You may experience minor and temporary pain 1-2 days after the mastopexy.

This depends on your job. Generally, patients are able to return to work 2 to 4 weeks after the breast uplift operation.

Breast lift scars will not disappear completely; however, they will fade substantially over time.

Yes, the results of breast uplift are usually permanent. However, significant weight loss and pregnancy in the future may affect the appearance of the breasts.

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