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What is brow Lift ?

Brow lift, also known as the eyebrow lift or forehead lift, is a popular procedure for rejuvenation of the forehead and eyebrow in patients who want to correct the signs of aging. Repositioning the brow and forehead not only raises the brow and enhances the eye area, but also restores the youthful shape to the brow line. The eyebrow lift surgery aims to restore the natural appearance of the upper facial area, which looks in line with the rest of the face.

A brow lift procedure is most commonly carried out to correct the signs of aging, in which forehead creases and the descent of the brow has caused a worn-out or aged look. This can also occur in younger patients, leading to crowding of the eyebrow/eyelid complex, giving a tired, concerned appearance. By crowding the eyelids, it can also make the upper-lid skin appear hooded, giving the impression of excess skin. The contour of the brow also changes with loss of its natural arc.

Brow lifting is usually performed as an adjunct to upper lid blepharoplasty as a “Blepharoplasty Plus” procedure. In appropriate patients, it can allow for a significant additional boost and enhancement of the blepharoplasty result.

Brow lifting is not just performed for aesthetic reasons. In many cases, the drooping of the brow can affect vision and, therefore, a brow lift procedure can significantly improve the lateral visual field.

Stay in hospital

1 day one night

Surgery duration

1 to 3 hours


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Price list

We accept payments in Armenian Dram

Procedure types

Endoscopic Brow Lift

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that elevates the brow without removing any skin. This technique involves making multiple small incisions that are hidden behind the hairline. An endoscope or tiny camera device is then inserted through the incisions into the forehead, which uses high-resolution telescope technology to project internal images onto a screen. The brow lift is performed using very small instruments that are also inserted via the incisions. The forehead is repositioned and secured in an elevated position, and then stabilized.

The primary advantage of the endoscopic brow lift is that the several tiny incisions are all concealed within the scalp behind the hairline, resulting in less visible scarring than other brow lift techniques.

This procedure is particularly well-suited for people in their 30s who have minimal droopiness in the forehead area.

Open Brow Lift

The oldest used brow lift technique, a coronal lift (sometimes referred to as an “open brow lift”) involves a single incision made from ear to ear that is placed across the forehead. Coronal lifts are ideal for individuals with smaller foreheads who are also interested in lifting their hairline. However, they can sometimes cause permanent numbness from behind the incision to the vertex of the scalp, and so has fallen out of favor for less invasive techniques.

Open Brow Lift

What to expect


Gagik Stamboltsyan

Plastic and Estethic surgeon

Armen Hovhannisyan

Plastic and Estethic surgeon

Frequently asked questions

No, brow lifts should not cause excessive pain. However, mild pain and discomfort are common for a few days after the eyebrow surgery procedure. Patients will be prescribed pain medication to ease this. 

Scarring after a brow lift is usually minimal, though the degree of scarring will depend upon the technique used and the individual patient. With all brow lift methods, incisions are strategically placed so that scars can be hidden well underneath the hairline or within a deep crease on the forehead. With the endoscopic brow lift method, the scars are hidden beneath the natural hairline or in the patient’s forehead creases.

In any case, scars should fade within 3-6 months of the brow surgery, while a temporary loss of sensation or numbness may also occur for several months post-surgery.

Although there is no “correct” age to get a brow lift, most patients are typically between the ages of 40-65. However, the brow lift procedure can be performed on younger patients who may have noticed the signs of aging and have heavy brows or deep lines that they are unhappy with.

The decision to get a brow lift (or any cosmetic procedure) is a personal one, and it is ultimately a decision between yourself and your surgeon.

While a direct brow lift is a long-term eyebrow surgery with fantastic results, it will not stop the ageing process and gravity. Descent of the forehead and fine lines can occur several years after the procedure, but most patients are delighted with the results and do not feel the need to undergo a second brow lift procedure.

To keep results at their best, it is advised to live a healthy lifestyle, including wearing sunscreen, exercising, eating well and not smoking. This way, your skin can remain at its very best!

Makeup should not be used around the operated area for the first week after surgery. Contact lenses are usually allowed after the first week from brow lift surgery. 

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