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What is breast augmentation ?

Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in the world. We offer a range of breast augmentation procedures for individuals who are not satisfied with the shape and size of their breasts, as well as women seeking reconstruction after breast cancer surgery.

The breast consists of tissue and fat, and the size and shape can often be influenced by weight and aging. We work with adult patients of all ages and begin by ensuring that you understand and can evaluate all the breast augmentation options available to you. Each case is individual, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to our breast enlargement surgery.

Since the advent of plastic surgery, breast augmentation and breast implants have been one of the most requested forms of augmentation. Adult women of all ages, colors, and shapes have always wanted to be able to control their breast size. With the advancement of technology, the surgeon can offer you the most natural-looking and feeling breasts.

The list of reasons to perform this surgery may include:

  1. If you feel your breasts are small or not proportional in relation to your body
  2. If you wish to recover lost symmetry of breasts
  3. If you have shrunken breasts after losing a significant amount of weight
  4. If the shape and size of your breasts have changed because of pregnancy.

If you wish to change the size of your breasts due to one of the above reasons, you are an ideal candidate for the operation.

This procedure is carried out only on fully formed breasts. The emotional maturity of the patient and clear understanding of their own reasons for undergoing the operation are very important. It is also important to have realistic expectations from the procedure, as the operation can bring only enhancement and not perfection. Awareness of the risks and benefits of the surgery is essential for patients.

Breast augmentation also allows women to increase breast size and add symmetry. The procedure involves placing breast implants under the breast tissue. Breast augmentation can provide corrections for women who want to improve what nature has given them, or for women who experience loss of breast volume due to any number of factors, including pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding, weight loss, trauma, and aging. The most suitable candidates should meet the following criteria:

  1. Increases the fullness and tip of your breasts.
  2. Improves the symmetry and balance of the breasts.
  3. Improves the shape and gives you a more rounded, aesthetic appearance.

There are different available shapes and implant surfaces. Firstly, there are implants of round shape and anatomical shape. Their covering can be a textured surface or smooth silicon surface. The choice of the proper implant depends on several factors, including surgeon preferences, patient needs, size, and shape of implant. The selection of round or counter implants depends on the desired shape. As a rule, the larger the cup size, the bigger implant size the surgeon will consider.

Stay in hospital

1 day one night

Surgery duration

1 to 2 hours



Price list

We accept payments in Armenian Dram

Procedure types

Inframammary incision

Inframammary incision

This technique involves a short incision made in the crease, inframammary fold, underneath the breast and leaves a thin, 1 to 2 inch scar that is easily concealed. Advantages of this incision type are that it includes a wider access point, allowing your surgeon to place larger silicone implants with precision.

Trans-axillary incision

This technique involves making a small incision in the armpit through which the surgeon will insert the breast implant using specialized instruments and a camera to ensure precise placement. As a result, there will be a small scar in the armpit but no visible scar on the breast.

Trans-axillary incision

Periareolar incision

This technique involves making an incision around the outer edge of the areola and nipple. Surgeons often use this incision when performing a breast lift operation. The resulting scar will be located around the areola and nipple.

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic surgeon

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Plastic and Estethic surgeon

Gagik Stamboltsyan

Plastic and Estethic surgeon

Armen Hovhannisyan

Plastic and Estethic surgeon

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Plastic surgeon

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Plastic surgeon

Frequently asked questions

You might feel some discomfort, such as tightness of the breast skin, during the first 48 hours.

The patient’s recovery is much quicker once the drainage has been removed. The swelling will start to go down 10 days after breast augmentation surgery. You will start to see the results of the operation within one month, when the bands and the bra are removed. However, you will not see the full end result until 6 months later.

This procedure is entirely normal and may last for up to one month post-surgery.

In breast augmentation, recovery is not necessarily the same for each breast. It is very likely for one breast to be more swollen than the other, with more bruising than the other or for discomfort to last for longer in one breast than the other. This is normal procedure.

The breast will be relatively insensitive for a while after breast augmentation surgery. A different size of the breasts, swelling and pain are completely normal and will depend on each patient, as will the shape of the breast. The breasts will initially look rounder and will be swollen. After a few months, the breasts will recover and have a natural appearance and feel.

Breast implants generally up to 15 years

Breast implants will drop and begin to soften after 8 weeks

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